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Watertown Chamber of Commerce – Meeting Time / Date Poll

Watertown Chamber of Commerce – Meeting Time / Date Poll

We have begun discussing options for our monthly meeting - and we would like YOUR input!

Please fill out the form below and we will tabulate the results and discuss at our next meeting.

The current meeting schedule is the first Tuesday of each month, at noon. We have typically rotated the location of each meeting between local member restaurants to allow members to eat and meet!

If you can NOT currently attend our meetings PLEASE file out this form AND indicate you are not currently attending meetings because of the schedule (the FOURTH question, after the time / day options)

Chamber of Commerce Meeting Time Poll
Meetings have been held at noon, normally at local restaurants to allow attendees to eat AND network!
Meeting TIME Options *
Early Morning (before 9AM)
Mid Morning (9AM - 11AM)
Lunch / Noon (11AM - 2PM)
Mid Aftertoon (2PM - 5PM)
Evening (After 5PM)
Meeting have been held on the first TUESDAY of every month
Meeting Day Options *
Meeting have been held on the FIRST Tuesday of every month
Meeting Week Options
First Week of the Month
Second Week of the Month
Third Week of the Month
Fourth Week of the Month
Are you currently ABLE to attend meetings based on the existing schedule?
Regardless of whether or not you HAVE attended meetings, we'd like to specifically know if you are ABLE to attend meetings during the CURRENT schedule.
Even if you are suggesting an alternate / better time, please let us know if the current time MIGHT be on option.
Meeting Availabliity *
YES - I CAN attend meetings.
NO- I can NOT attend meetings currently!
If you have conflicting meetings please let us know below.
This will help with our meetings and future committee meetings, we will attempt to work around any other groups, clubs, committees, or organizational meetings!
Conflicting Meetings
We have limited the choices - however if you have a very specific idea for a meeting time / location / or schedule please share and we will discuss at our next meeting!
Other Options
If you would like to leave your name / contact information please feel free!
Name / Contact
Additional Questions or Comments
Additional Questions or Comments
Please answer the security question below to verify that you are a real person.
What COLORS are in the United States of America Flag?

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