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Watertown Chamber Mile Long Yard Sale Poll

Watertown Chamber Mile Long Yard Sale Poll

Watertown Mile Long Yard Sale - Booth Poll
We are gathering information and opinions to create new policies for booth rental space for the Mile Long Yard Sale
Although your submission is private, we need your name and email to verify submissions.
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We have several ideas for changing the booth and space rental options for the Mile Long Yard Sale (note, this applies to the Square and Main Street business owners only)
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1 - All booth renters pay the standard pricing, no exceptions regardless of Chamber Membership of Ownership
2 - Chamber Members with store fronts have the option to rent their space at 1/2 normal price with first right of refusal, everyone else pays full price
3 - Building owners that own and operate a store front can have 1 free space with first right of refusal and can rent additional spacing under regular rental guidelines - either half price for Chamber Members of full price for Non Members
4 - Other, please detail below
Please let us know your thoughts or additional ideas!
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