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Special Announcements

Special Announcements

UPDATE - Tuesday, February 28

To the citizens of Watertown,
I am pleased to report that the water leak/situation we had over the weekend on Priest Avenue has been successfully resolved.

Things are now back to normal and I hope that you didn't notice, or suffer, any disruption other than the street having to be blocked.

We owe a tremendous amount of thanks to Bob Morgan, and his two-man crew, for the work that they did all weekend and for working with the company out of Chattanooga on Monday to get the cut-off valves installed under pressure and the leak repaired. I thank them for their hard work and dedication to seeing this situation resolved.

 - Mayor Mike Jennings

Friday, February 24, 2024

You should expect periods of low water pressure all weekend, especially in the Priest Ave. and west Watertown area. We have a water leak in the City's line at Priest Avenue.

Because of the way it was installed many, many years ago, and some of the modifications that have been made to it, there are no cutoff valves that allow the City workers to isolate the leak and repair it. They have been working for the better part of two days trying to get the repair done, but we have had to call in a company from Chattanooga who can install the cutoff valves and fix the leak under pressure.

We do not have the equipment to do that, but they can. Unfortunately, they cannot get here until Monday. You will probably see the City guys there tomorrow digging out in certain areas in preparation for what has to be done Monday. But, the leak will continue and that most likely will affect our water pressure at times of peak usage. We ask for your patience and understanding.

 - Mayor Mike Jennings


The City of Watertown is accepting applications / resumes for an open position with the Street/Water and Sewer Department.

These may be submitted to the City Hall at 8630 Sparta Pike in Watertown during regular business hours.

The City of Watertown is an equal opportunity employer.

You can also download the PDF - Click HERE


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