Watertown, Tennessee
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City of Watertown, Tennessee

Watertown Police Department

Watertown Police Department

Police Department

Police Chief:

Mailing Address:
160 A Statesville Avenue.
Watertown, TN 37184

(615) 237-3224

(615) 237-3378 Fax

Watertown City Court
8630 Sparta Pike, Watertown, TN 37184
Phone: (615) 237-3326
Office Hours: Thursday-Friday 0600-1600 PRN

Watertown Police Department is always accepting applications for TN P.O.S.T. certified officers. We utilize both full-time and part time patrol officers. Positions are filled as needed.

Chief's Mission Statement
The primary mission of the Watertown Police Department is to improve the quality of life in the City of Watertown, Tennessee. This goal will only be accomplished through the cooperative effort of the Police Department and the community. By working together we can maintain the peace, provide safety and security for our citizens, reduce the fear of crime and solve problems.

To be successful in our mission requires the commitment of the Administration, every employee of this Department and the citizens of our City, all working together to maintain the Watertown Police tradition as a trusted source of help.

To accomplish this mission, the following values must be the basis for all of our actions:

The Watertown Police Department recognizes that its members are its greatest asset, and our actions shall reflect this belief. The members will respect the citizens and recognize their ethnic and cultural diversity. We will respect each other as professionals and fellow human beings.

We believe in the principles embodied in the Constitution. We recognize the authority of federal, state and local laws. Honesty and truth must be the standards in all our interactions with the community and with our members.

We will strive for personal and professional excellence, dedication to duty and the delivery of quality service to the public. We are part of a team dedicated to the safety and protection of our community. Our actions will reflect intelligence, sincere efficient and courteous service.

The Watertown Police Department is a full service, 24 hour a day professional law enforcement agency. Tracing its roots back to the Watertown City Marshals, the police have served the City of Watertown and the surrounding community since at least 1912. Below you will find information on the varous services we provide. WPD is dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our residents, businesses, and the thousands of visitor that travel to our community each year.

The heart and soul of the department, the patrol division answers thousands of calls each year. WPD’s patrol officers are the primary first responders for the City of Watertown, handling reports, crashes, domestic violence, civil disputes, warrant services, and countless other tasks. We routinely assist the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office with calls in the southeast portion of the county. WPD also provides assistance to Wilson Emergency Management Agency, as well as the Watertown Volunteer Fire Department, on a daily basis.

The Patrol Division is commanded by Lieutenant Bill Laney WPDLaney@WatertownTN.com

The Watertown Police Department’s patrol division is the primary agency providing traffic enforcement and traffic crash investigation inside the city limits of Watertown. Our officers have received specialized training in DUI enforcement, Advanced Roadside Impairment, Crash Investigation, Interdiction, and radar operations. WPD routinely assists the Tennessee Highway Patrol and the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office with DUI enforcement, safety checkpoints, and crash investigation in the surrounding community. If YOU NEED A COPY OF A CRASH REPORT, please contact he department Monday through Friday between the hours of 8AM and 2PM.

Criminal Investigations
The Criminal Investigations Division actively investigates crime and follows up on reports in the city. We investigate thefts, domestic assaults, burglary, vandalism, and juvenile related offenses, as well as a host of other incidents. CID offers crime scene response and investigation, utilizing a number of techniques, including latent fingerprinting, digital photography, interview and interrogation and evidence processing.

IF YOU HAVE A TIP ON A CRIME, please contact the Criminal Investigations Division or email us at CrimeTips@WatertownTN.com

The Criminal Investigator is Detective Joe Childree WatertownPD103@gmail.com

Narcotics / Vice
The Watertown Police CID Unit works very closely with the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration to enforce drug offenses, including sales, trafficking, and manufacture. If you have a complaint or a tip, contact WPD or email CrimeTips@WatertownTN.com. You can remain anonymous.

Special Events
WPD provides officers for various events throughout the city. We provide security for Watertown High School athletic events, the semi-annual Mile Long Yard Sale, and numerous video shoots and other events. Officers are available at a rate of $25.00 per hour and must be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance. Please contact us if you need an officer.

Watertown Police Department is always accepting applications for TN P.O.S.T. certified officers. We utilize both full-time and part time patrol officers. Positions are filled as needed. Applications can be printed off here.

The Honorable Judge Bob Lee serves as the municipal Judge for Watertown City Court. A civil court, Judge Lee hears traffic offenses, city ordinance violations, and other misdemeanor offenses charged inside the city limits of Watertown. The courtroom is located in the Watertown Community Center at 8630 Sparta Pike (behind City Hall). Court is held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month except December at 4:30PM. If you have a question regarding a citation, please call the police department at 615-237-3225 or Court Recorder April Lamberson at City Hall. NOTE: Certain non-moving offenses may be dismissed prior to court (i.e. Headlight out, expired tags, etc.). A $25.00 administrative fee will be assessed on all dismissals.

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